About Us

Bandwidth & VPN . Education . Knowledge Network

RailWire focuses on pure play broadband and VPN services. RailWire offers content & application driven network. RailWire aims to become a hub of local information and a tool for rendering communication, infotainment, education, health and community services to the masses. Education, health and entertainment will be the primary verticals to be rolled-out in the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Since the roll-out will harness the entrepreneurial energies of several hundreds of Access Network Providers (ANPs) and MSPs of every Circle/State, this model will scale-up and spread fast to achieve the broadband penetration desired by the government.

RailTel is now entrusted with transformational agenda by the Government of India with various strategic projects of national importance such as ,

  • National Broadband Network.
  • National Knowledge Network .
  • Alternative Network for National Security.
  • Intelligent Network Infrastructure for Smart City Communications.
  • Rural Broadband.
  • National Infrastructure Disaster Response Management.
  • Public Safety & Security.
  • Technological Innovation & Invention.


India’s National Telecom Policy 2012 has the vision Broadband on Demand. This would mean leveraging Telecom infrastructure to enable all citizens and businesses, both in rural & urban areas, to participate in the internet & web economy. This will ensure equitable & inclusive development across the nation. RailWire has positioned itself to realize this vision.

RailWire has begun its country-wide drive to align with about 96,000 Access Network Providers to deliver internet services with unlimited bandwidth, education & healthcare services, entertainment & e-Governance services to homes and offices.

A nation-wide broadband Telecom and multimedia network, riding on RailTel infrastructure & its high performance network. RailTel has the SDH/WDM backbone optical transport network covering more than 400 cities & 42,000 kilometres of high-quality optical fibre cable across the country. Multiple STM-16 (n x 2.5 Gbps) connectivity. RailTel has implemented ultra-high capacity DWDM network over 10,000 RKM to provide 400 Gbps, further upgradable to 800 Gbps in future.